If you’re tall, it turns out you’ll probably be more successful

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Good news for tall people. Scientific research has suggested that tall men and women have an advantage over those who are shorter. Some of these advantages include making more money, having better job opportunities and having an all-around greater chance at success. Sorry, shorties.

1. Tall people make more money.

According to the Atlantic, an extra four or five inches of height is associated with an increase in salary between nine and 15 percent. Another study found that one inch of extra height can be worth $800 a year in elevated earnings. The research also found that this makes slightly more of a difference for men than it does for women.

2. Tall people have better job opportunities

One study found that taller height led to to higher levels of education and higher job status. The exact reasoning for this is still unclear, but it has been suggested that it stems from a combination of high self-esteem, positive discrimination and increased intelligence.  They also appear to others as better, stronger leaders, which lends a hand in determining who will get a job position.

3. Tall people are generally happier

While this one might seem like a bit of a stretch, it has been documented on several occasions that overall, tall people reported being happier than their shorter counterparts. And after listing some of the other benefits of height, it’s really no secret why. Better job opportunities, high income and strong social life are all seen as components of a happy life.

The reasons why tall people appear to be more successful vary, but researchers have proposed a few ideas as to why this might be the case. For one, height has always been associated with strength. Therefore, the idea is that tall people would be better suited for jobs that require size and muscle. But even as more and more jobs become desk jobs, tall people still seem to have the upper (literally) hand. This is likely due to the fact that height is also associated with self-confidence and better social skills. According to a report in Business Insider, teens who grew up being tall were more likely to participate in athletics, school clubs and dating, and therefore become better social adapters – a skill that will help them achieve more success down the line.

Being tall is also associated with being a good leader. When a tall person walks into a room full of strangers, they are seen as being more authoritative and demand more attention. This allows them to exercise greater control over the room due to their natural social dominance.

Finally, tall men are more commonly preferred in terms of attractiveness. According to the Telegraph,
after looking at a series of Yahoo! personal dating ads, researchers concluded that only 13 percent of men were specifically searching for a shorter woman, whereas 49 percent of women required a taller man. This figure increased to 55 percent when the researchers asked the women open-ended questions related to attraction.

While it’s definitely not to say that short people are doomed for a life of shitty jobs, financial instability and the embarrassment of never being able to reach the top shelf at the grocery store – it is clear that height does have its advantages.

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