Watch these parents get high with their kids for the very first time


Marijuana has been stirring up controversy for over a decade, yet it still remains one of the most talked about issues today.

While most millennials have jumped on the ol’ weed bandwagon, it might come as more of a shock to see how the older generations perceive the so-called drug.

In a recent study, researchers looked at the weed habits of 47,000 men and women over the age of 50. They found that marijuana use for those aged 50 to 64 had gone up 57.8 per cent, and that the weed use for those over 64 had increased by 250 per cent.

While many baby boomers unsurprisingly tried weed for the first time when they were adolescents or young adults, some are trying it for the very first time. This could be due to the fact that marijuana has been proven to alleviate a number of health issues including anxiety, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain, to name a few, or it could be due to the fact that the stigma surrounding weed is finally beginning to lessen.

To show just how open-minded people are to the idea of smoking weed, Cut has brought together parents and their kids to smoke weed together for the first time. Equipped with all the necessary tools – joints, bong, a big bowl of chips and Never Have I Ever questions – each pair experiences the joys of bonding while baked. And the results are amazing.