This design offers nature lovers a walk through the tree tops



The design studio behind the bouncy castle of the future and other remarkable net-based structures show no signs of slowing down when it comes to allowing adults to play and explore space from unprecedented angles.

Their latest installation sits in South Tyrol, Italy, high off the ground among the dense forestry. As part of the Merano Spring Festival, the Tube Merano can be enjoyed until June 5. This component of “Art & Nature: Walking With Senses,” is a fresh take on the concept of a nature walk. With a web strung between tree tops, visitors can experience nature and navigate their surroundings from far above the terrain.

3_Tube Merano

The Croatian and Austrian industrial design studio, Numen/For Use, are the magicians behind this unique space. The group formed in 1998 as a collaborative effort between Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljković in the fields of conceptual art, scenography and spatial design.

The idea behind the Tube Merano was to develop a dialogue between the installation and the natural landscape. The lush foliage and tangle of branches in the park lent themselves as the visual backdrop of the project. The Tube spirals through the leaves, suspended from the branches and trunks of the trees and features additional artistry on the land beneath. Because the structural tendons are nearly invisible amongst the trees, a wondrous effect is created of a levitating forest palace.

4_Tube Merano

5_Tube Merano

6_Tube Merano

7_Tube Merano

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