Submission Guidelines

Content of the Plaid Zebra falls under two major concepts:
1)  Post-consumerism
2)  Self-actuality

We accept submissions from seasoned and beginning writers, photographers, filmmakers, and artists. Please familiarize yourself with our content before submitting.

All article pitches should state the topic, angle and approximate word count.

All article submissions should be the final draft with all sources as embedded hyperlinks within the Word document. Any human sources must be named. If the human source does not wish to have their name published for compelling reasons, their name must be provided to the editor.

Please send all editorial pitches, tips and article submissions to [email protected] 

All things concerning photography, illustration and video should be sent to 

Any notifications of errors in published work should be sent to [email protected]

By submitting text, photos, or video to The Plaid Zebra, you agree that the content does not infringe or violate anyone else’s rights or otherwise violate laws. Should your content be published, you grant us a royalty-free, exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to publicly display your content; This includes the exclusive right to republish content on any of our partner sites.

The opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily the opinions of The Plaid Zebra or its Editorial Staff.

Re-publishing or Re-blogging

It has come to our attention that many articles that appeared originally on The Plaid Zebra are being re-published without permission from or credited to The Plaid Zebra.

It is a requirement that should other parties be interested in re-publishing our content that they receive prior permission from [email protected]. When any content is reprinted by any publication , website or blog, it must include a visible header stating “Originally published by The Plaid Zebra” with a hyperlink to the original article as well as the author’s name.