If your life feels grey, this Bukowski poem read by Tom Waits will breathe life back into you


In 1999, Ron Rosenbaum observed that no books were more frequently shoplifted from Barnes & Noble stores than Charles Bukowski’s. His writing was a ballad to the underdog, a light at the other end of the dark bar. His poetry was simple and accessible to all, with an unexpected edge that cut through the noise of complex prose. Among his admirers was a man of comparable status among the forgotten subsets of society, a musician named Tom Waits. Credited with one of the music industry’s most raspy, deep and original voices, Waits was the perfect choice to read out one of Bukowski’s most famous poems, The Laughing Heart. The combination of Bukowski’s words driven by the emotion and emphasis of Waits’ unmistakable voice churns out one of the most moving poetry readings of all time.

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