Firefighters in Dubai are sporting jet packs (Video)



Water jet packs aren’t just for the ulta-hipster beach bro or west-coast tourist anymore. Firefighters in Dubai are harnessing this technology to douse flames in hard to reach places that are close to the water such as overpasses, boats, or tall buildings.

Dubai known for money, luxury and super cool cop cars is uping their game in fighting fires after a series of skyscraper blazes. This standing-on-the-resource approach is one example of the improvements.The jet packs can lift a firefighter 330 metres into the air at a speed of 72 km per hour and the high-pressure hose will never run out of water as long as there is still a gulf below them.

While the idea of using jet packs to fight fires has been raised before the Dubai Civil Defense posted about the technology aptly named the Dolphin in January 2017. It includes a jet ski to arrive at the scene and an attached jet pack to get up into the air.

Watch it in action here.