Every part of this house is reusable and completely edible



The amateur gardener is advised to start small, beginning with a patch in their backyard that is easy to maintain. Dutch architects ignored this recommendation when they created a space that is all garden.

A thick sprawl of flowers, vegetables and herbs form as window boxes quickly overflow and the vines lining the rooftop extend to blur the boundaries of the enclosed space. No surface of this house is left bare.


The designers of this greenhouse, Marijke Bruinsma, Marjan van Capelle and Arjen de Groot, filled the entire space with peas, berries, basil, thyme, lavender and greens, making it entirely edible and accessible for urban dwellers with limited room to garden.

This structure is composed of scaffolding and planted sectional crates that make up the walls and ceiling. The scaffolding can be disassembled and relocated to a different location depending on the season and needs of the vegetation. The simple structure can be reused season after season for growing bountiful crops. The intensive cultivation method of the harvesting house is an inspiration for urban agriculturists and gardening enthusiasts alike.




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