Mar 20, 2017
Shipping Container Homes
Container homes: How to get started

Container homes: How to get started

Interested in breaking free from the constraints of traditional home engineering and forging a new path? Tired of landlords, rent, and mortgages? Cont...
Mar 20, 2017
Road Trips
road trip

5 best road trips in the USA

BY: SAMANTHA TAPP It's not deciding to go on a road trip that's the hard part, that's obvious; it's choosing which is the best road trip. Do you wa...
Mar 8, 2017
Tiny House Living
tiny house on a budget

Tiny houses: Building on a budget

BY: JESSICA BEUKER  One of the perks of tiny house living, besides lower carbon footprint and environmental impact, is lower cost. In 2016, the ave...