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Nadia Zaidi is a multimedia journalist who has written for several local and national publications. She previously developed and produced youth-based programming for local television. Nadia creates mini-documentaries and is passionate about raising awareness through reporting and film. In her spare time she is an avid sports fan and dabbles in children's fiction. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Yoga books you should be reading

BY: NADIA ZAIDI Yoga is one of the most promising approaches to relaxation, stress reduction, and physical and spiritual betterment. Its holistic approach has popularized it in the western world. Desp…

Yoga and its benefits

I’m beginning to seriously wonder why I don’t do yoga. There are countless healing mental and physical benefits. I have friends and family who boast about its life altering qualities, and …

Ashtanga Yoga: What is it?

BY: NADIA ZAIDI Ashtanga yoga quite literally brings the heat from your head to your feet. Yes, it’s not any ordinary lazy man’s form of stress reduction and postural Zen. If you’re …