A German photographer cycled 40,000 km to capture portraits of the last African Nomads


Photos by Mario Gerth

Mario Gerth is a documentary photographer whose profession has brought him to over 80 countries in five continents. He has travelled for two years across remote African regions into a world completely different from the West. The portraits of the nomads residing in these remote regions reflect African beauty and uniqueness.

His trip delivered a series of striking portraits of the last nomads and semi-nomads left across Africa. Their cultures have created unique adornments from the surrounding environment to represent themselves with an almost otherworldly beauty. The German documentary photographer’s photo essay captures the beauty and diversity of Africa that clashes with the orderly Western society.

A Himbi girl in Nambia

2-image (Himbi Grl, Naimbia)

A Hamar Lady in Ethiopia

3-image (Hamar Lady, Ethiopia)

Arbore, Ethiopia

4-image(Arbore, Ethiopia)

A Suri lady in Ethiopia

5-image (Suri Lady, Ethiopia)

A Samburu Warrior in Kenya

6-image(Samburu Warrior, Kenya)

A Hamar boy in Ethiopia

7-image (Hamar Boy, Ethiopia)

A Karo boy in Ethiopia

8-image (Karo Boy, Ethiopia)

Karo in Ethiopia

9-image (Karo, Ethiopia)

A Samburu girl in Kenya

10-image (Samburu girl, Kenya)

An Arbore girl in Ethiopia

11-image (Arbore girl, Ethiopia)

A Mursi mother with her child in Ethiopia

12-image (Mursi mother with her child, Ethiopia)

To see more of Gerth’s photos, go to mario-gerth.de

Image sourcing: boredpanda.com